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What is a WorkHARDAholic™?

 Simply stated you’re Always Doing Something.  You weren’t made to sit on your laurels (whatever they are).  You were made to do.  You have the same 8 hours as everyone else but you’re able to do so much more.  You LIKE your work ethic.  You enjoy getting it done.  No one here judges you for your passion but we do provide Time Tool Techniques to help you Work Hard and Play Harder.  Welcome Home!


The Juggling Act

We make it look easy. We work, we play, we travel, we have 10 jobs and are still seen volunteering or at the latest Grand Opening. We work the same 8 hours as others but get a ton more done and some of that time we might be online booking travel plans or working on our next book. We are WorkHARDAholics TM and we are done apologizing for it.

Within this tribe we have found our home where we don’t have to apologize for our work ethic or the fact that our work/passion is never far from our side (I sleep with my laptop at a hand’s distance). Welcome here, welcome home and just plain Welcome.

Join us and Together – Learn a new word, a new skill, to be HIGHLY productive and to live in balance. Work HARD but Play HARDER

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